Commercial Fan Soulution

The status Analysis of Air Handling Bearings

Commercial fans are widely used, but running conditions are poor.

  • High Rotation Speed

    Bearing rotation speed is up to 3600RPM

  • Low Noise and Long Service Life are required

    Noise affects human health, leading to complaints from customers. Bearings are required for long-term operation at low noise.

  • Continuous Operation

    Fans are usually working in contious operating condition which requires mounted ball bearing units are continously running at the state of optimal ratation.

  • High Reliability Requirement

    As the core component of fans, the bearings are installed in every part of buildings. The maintenance cost is high.

  • The operating environment is dusty.

    The operating environment for Fan is dusty; Exposed bearings are easy to suffer from dust.

  • It is difficult to relubricate due to the limited position.

    Correct grease and appropriate lubricant fill rate are required.

  • Low Temperature Rise

    Low temperature rise is required due to long-term operation, otherwise it will cause premature bearing failure.

Air Handling Bearing Soulutions from Fushan Bearing

Based on field experience and feedback from commercial fans, Fushan owns a range of targeted solutions and develops F series of air handling bearings.

Air Handling Bearing Soulutions from Fushan Bearing 01
Air Handling Bearing Soulutions from Fushan Bearing 02
Air Handling Bearing Soulutions from Fushan Bearing 03

Internal structure optimization

F series bearings are designed with optimized internal structure to keep long service life and lower noise level for high speed application.

Improved Sealing Structure

According to the working conditions of fans, Fushan develops the special seal which owns the characteristics of light torque, high dust resistance, and not easy to loosen and has obtained patent and copyright for it.

Optimal Lubrication

High quality motor grease and optimized lubrication channels ensure the long term operation of bearings at lower noise levels, reducing downtime, and maintenance costs.

Strict Control of Tolerance

The stable tolerance between housings and inserts of F series bearing units ensures that bearings run smoothly under eccentric working condition. The high quality of F series housings ensure the bearings keep excellent working performance under vibration.

Fastening Type

Special anti-loosing set screw for bearings with set screw and eccentric locking collar

The value of comericial fan bearings from Fushan

Based on the close cooperation with customers, FSB designed F series of air handling bearings with extraordinary value.

The value of comericial fan bearings from Fushan

The value of comericial fan bearings from Fushan

1.Through the deep research and experiment of applications of fans, we perfectly combined fans and bearings, withstanding the critical test of time and working environment.

2.F series of bearings own longer life than standard bearings, which enhances the overall cost performance of fans and makes fans more competitive.

3.The high reliability of the F series of bearings reduces maintenance times and costs, downtime, and improves fan performance.

4.Under continuous operation, F series of bearings own several times longer life than ordinary bearings, which avoids the complaints and improve customer satisfaction.